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tenkiya's Journal

The Posthumous Adventures Of
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I lived and died, surviving rehab, Kosovo, prison and getting rich in the process, losing it all on the snake oil of pomo wherewithall, and yet my self remains a brush on snare, at times keeping beat, at times off at sea - alove, as it were.
バター犬, 一重, 切腹, 経済, accidental tourists, adams and steve, akasegawa genpei, andrea dworkin's pants, anna 'deavere' smith, argument man, art thefts, avuncular sorts, babies like sumo wrestlers, barcelona or chairs, beccaria got it, big can openers, bill rilke, born to walk, bose-einstein condensate speakers, bruce molemi, bulgarian nothings, bullshitis, bush meat, castradi tenors, caveats et al, charles the shorn, chris the burden, conspiracy man, cornish wallonia, courbet et al, cousin phil's cousin, crack for crack's sake, crimsons and clovers, damascus crabs, dead white women, debaser (not the song), don 'fat' levine, dry humping yours, elvis 'costello', eugene 'drunk' o'neill, fermat fitnat, fermat's last theorom, firing small cannons, frozen fromage frais, ftse ubloc 100, gay republicrats, geroge wallace stevens, gintama, gnr (still), green swans, guy debord sucks, harley raine davidson, haruki 'ichiro' murakami, he's empty, horikawa michio, itera, jim 'hulk' stark, karel van miert, kruschev's other shoe, kusama yayoi san, lacan lacan, lazio losing, le brecht, le mans les mens, lee 'spiderman' majors, leni 'finally dead' riefenstahl, leprosy man, liminoid behavior, margarine dog, mason lowance's clue, maureen connor, mediciens sans frontiers, mediocrities, mencken is dead, mentos' drums, michelangelo (pistoletto), mishima yukio mishima, mother durable, mother liquid courage, no old pirates, no particle physics, nofa in da house, noh no, not you maybe you, old cuckolds, osamu 'osamu' dazai, outlaws running, ovid ovulates, people you've never met, pierre de coubertin, postisms, pravda & prada, pro patria fujimori, provoked vomiting, raskolnikov's knee, saikintama, seasoned veterans, seppuku for you, shilpa gupta, shooting junk bonds, singular noun, six was gay, smiths joneses, somewhere or other, spondees ill, starman #1, taxation without enough representation, tehching 'annual' hsieh, tennis knuckle, texas wasn't the reason, the falkland kid, the ming dynasty (not), the pixies sold out, the sidecar crashed, the stooges were ok, the straights are not, the tan-higgs boson, the velveteen underground, those fuckers took mine, undead white men, unworn latex gloves, urinal stickers, vague reasons, warholic, wassily bin kandinsky's costume, wasuremono, wave goodbye of mutilation, wet money man, whoop dee shit comback, wicked grammers, yasumasa morimura san, yoursql, zaibatsu and such, zero-based budgeting, zugzwang